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Your deck takes the biggest beating around your home from foot traffic to weather and the other elements nature likes to throw at our homes. Pollen and molds can stain your wood finish, as can the acid from decomposing leaves over the fall and winter months. The sun also provides its fair share of damage, from constant heat to UV light. 

Rain is the biggest culprit of them all. Swelling and shrinking wood further warps your deck, helps facilitate staining from leaves, pollens and molds and also promotes the growth of algae.

An uncared for deck is not only unsightly and difficult to enjoy, but dangerous. Minor issues from splinters to serious structural issues can start to appear. If rot or structural issues come up, it can be an expensive proposition to repair or even replace a deck.


After a good cleaning with Power House Washing, your deck can be ready for a sealant that will protect it from discoloration, UV rays, rain and more.

Don't let your hard earned money be used to purchase a beautiful deck only for it to go to waste after a few years. Power House Washing will make your deck look good as new so you can protect your investment and enjoy your outdoor living area for years to come.

We seal decks! Ask Power House Washing about our full service deck care options.

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